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We are a global consultancy providing technical expertise, assurance and specialist engineering services to help clients navigate the rail industry's operational, commercial and regulatory demands.

With capabilities in all disciplines, from rolling stock, signalling and telecommunications, to energy efficiency, safety management and operational planning, we support a client portfolio that extends across every aspect of the global industry and includes local and national operators, manufacturers, maintenance companies, infrastructure managers, investors and regulators.

In each and every case, they share the same global challenges of continually raising standards and performance levels; yet they are also organizations for which mistakes or shortfalls in quality can have punishing financial and reputational consequences, with direct impacts on surrounding communities.

With over 500 rail specialists based across the world,  and a deep understanding of the industry's critical and complex technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Furthermore, as part of the Ricardo group, we also provide direct access to the innovation and products that Ricardo has brought to fields such as high-performance vehicles, motorsport and clean energy generation, over many years.

In-depth knowledge drawn from diversity

The cornerstone of our business is the quality of our people and the diversity of their professional backgrounds, technical disciplines and individual outlooks.

Within our teams are those regarded as amongst the best in their chosen field — specialists who understand the industry’s traditions and structures every bit as much as the standards and operational practices that underpin it.

Alongside them are those we have attracted to the industry from government, academia, science and development — people who bring us skills, practices and original thinking from other walks of life — as well as colleagues who offer insight from Ricardo's work in areas such as motorsport, environmental regulation and clean energy generation

And whether providing strategic counsel at board level or implementing safety-critical technologies with frontline teams, our commitment is the same: expertise that is informed and impartial, responses that as pragmatic as they are impactful; and innovations that enhance rail's reputation as a safe, reliable and sustainable mode of transport.

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