InfraMon: Monitoring in motion

How can you improve the availability of track infrastructure - and plan your maintenance regime - without up-to-date information about its current condition?

Asset condition data captured once or twice a year by specialist measurement vehicles – often during the night – cannot possibly provide a realistic picture of a network’s true condition.

With InfraMon, our track monitoring technology, we can provide continuous condition assessments through an approach that is both more efficient and more cost-effective, per kilometre, than traditional track assessment methods.

Clear, prioritised intelligence

By installing sensors and data-loggers onboard regular passenger traffic, InfraMon  accumulates track condition data throughout the operational day.

The data are collated, analysed and reported directly to maintenance teams via customised dashboards, allowing preventative action to be planned before track faults cause serious disruption to services.

Operational benefits

Increase availability and reliability

By supporting a more proactive approach to maintenance, InfraMon can help improve track availability and promote more efficient maintenance planning.


With continuous analysis of current track condition, infrastructure managers, maintenance teams and contractors can work to deliver higher standards of safety across the network.

Cost reduction

From InfraMon’s delivery of more frequent data sets, a more efficient, more cost-effective ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance regime can be adopted.

How InfraMon works

InfraMon consists of a central module comprised of a measurements server, hard drive, communication, GPS and sensor technology.

The discreet sensor is installed onboard selected fleet vehicles that offer the widest possible network coverage.

The system works in combination with one or more plug-ins:

  • Track geometry
  • Railhead defects
  • Ride comfort

The outputs are then reproduced in customised web-based dashboards.

Require more information?

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Added value from your data

  • High-frequency monitoring of infrastructure assets.
  • Early defect recognition and trend changes identified.
  • Provides specific advice for maintenance teams to consider.
  • Cost efficient automated process that uses regular in-service vehicles.
  • Supported by Ricardo in-depth knowledge of rolling stock and infrastructure maintenance processes.