SmartFleet is a fleet management system that provides a clear and immediate understanding of key performance metrics across an operational fleet.

By providing continuous, real-time condition assessments of on-board systems such as doors, traction and brake systems, SmartFleet is an essential tool for delivering a proactive and cost-efficient rail operation.

Operational advantages

SmartFleet works by applying a series of parameters to filter and enhance the data captured from asset monitoring applications. This helps to ensure the information presented to operational teams is restricted to the essential information they require to perform their duties, without the distraction of irrelevant, background data.

In the event of a detected fault, the system immediately alerts the central Helpdesk with precise information about the situation. The Helpdesk can then determine how long the vehicle should remain in service and explain the appropriate response to the driver.

At the same time, the maintenance teams - equipped with a full diagnosis of the fault - can schedule their work and order components before the vehicle arrives at the workshop.

This means that, rather than using time in the depot to search for faults (or apply short-term fixes), maintenance teams can target the specific issue and return the vehicle to service as soon as possible.

Customised dashboards

SmartFleet typically presents information via two distinct channels:

SmartFleet Operate - offers real-time access to operational data feeds that can help monitor the fleet during day-to-day services.

SmartFleet Analytics - focuses on the trends and metrics contained within the data that can help introduce longer-term improvements.

Operational advantages

Increased availability

SmartFleet enables maintenance teams to schedule their regimes in full knowledge of the work required long before the vehicles arrive on site. Rather than use their time in the depot looking for faults and issues, SmartFleet’s analytical tools can provide access to structural issues in advance so that technicians can be better prepared.

Greater reliability

By tracking repeated failure patterns, SmartFleet can help engineers tackle the root cause of problem, rather than resort to temporary fixes before their eventual re-occurrence. Less downtime means more fleet reliability - exactly what you are striving for.

Reduced maintenance time

Imagine receiving a report that the air conditioning on a vehicle no longer works. Time constraints in the depot may prevent teams from establishing the root cause. Instead they perform a reset, leading in all likelihood to the same vehicle returning to the depot within days reporting the same failure. SmartFleet’s real-time dashboard will reveal exactly how the problem occurred, enabling maintenance teams to address the underlying problem.

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