IT and Data services

IT and Data services

Our IT and Data Consultancy services for the rail sector involves supporting clients with the management and processing of the large volume of data now generated by an increasingly computerised rail sector.

Data management

By combining our in-depth rail domain expertise with in-housedata analytics knowledge, we develop structural solutions and tangible improvements for our clients. The range of services we provide includes:

  • Definition of information needs
  • Analysis, integration and interpretation of data from a range of sources and formats
  • Development of scripts/algorithms to provide real-time dashboards to inform operational decisions.

IT Consultancy

Our IT teams support clients over the full range of fleet management IT demands, both from the technical aspects to ‘in-the-field’ process control.

Services include support in defining requirements and specifying IT systems, including Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) and architecture; Software process management (SW updates and roll-out), IT quality assurance of vehicle train subsystems (including TCMS), and digital resillience services such as cyber-security support on rolling stock.