Rolling stock asset management

Rolling stock asset management

An asset management strategy designed for your needs

We help rolling stock owners and operators maintain a round-the-clock understanding of the condition and value of their fleets, allowing them to make more informed decisions about future maintenance and investment priorities.

By applying industry best practice and recognised standards - such as ISO 55000, the international standard for asset management systems - our experts will help you implement the systems and processes that ensure your fleet operates to the highest efficiency levels but are also consistent with your business objectives and operational constraints.

As well as extending the in-service life of your vehicles, the benefits of a fully-coordinated asset management framework can be measured in terms of significant long-term reductions in fleet management costs, more control over the environmental impacts of your operations, and the improved streamlining of resources to deliver a consistently safe and reliable service to your customers.

What is the process of rolling stock asset management?

Bringing their expertise of every aspect of the asset lifecycle - from requirements capture to manufacture, operation, refurbishment and retirement - our experts will help you develop a bespoke management plan that is in full accordance with the respected ISO 55000 standard, yet also oriented towards your own operational needs.

The process typically starts by gathering day-to-day operational data alongside a thorough evaluation of current maintenance regimes, reporting processes and administrative practices.

These insights are used to identify where more efficient and productive methods can be introduced and to carefully map how any new measures can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation.

Our engineers will then help to prepare a detailed rolling stock asset management plan accompanied by recommended governance processes and proven methods for monitoring progress over time. 

What are the benefits of rolling stock asset management?

By choosing Ricardo as your partner, you will gain access to rail industry experts with a deep understanding of all forms rolling stock and their sub-systems - underframe, automated doors, HVAC etc. - and direct experience of helping fleet managers ensure fleets are available for service, day in day out.

The result will be a detailed asset management plan designed around your own specific goals, supported by metrics and reporting mechanisms that will enable you to chart improvements in asset performance alongside other benefits such as reduced costs and service reliability.

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