Reduce impact of current assets

Reduce impact of current assets

Getting the best from what you have

In our capital constrained worlds, we must make the best use of every asset we have. Whether that be by driving more economically, using existing engines powered by new fuels or even adding or altering existing assets to make them fit for our future. In this section we look at a selection of ways you can forge ahead with your decarbonisation journey without having to make large capital investments first. The examples below give a flavour of the wide range of areas where Ricardo teams help get the most from existing railway assets. The areas are of course not exhaustive, so if you have a decarbonisation challenge then please get in touch.

The sooner we embark on our decarbonisation journey together the less steep the summit is to conquer. Every delay to saving a kilo of carbon compounds the challenge and raises the level of future savings to achieve. Save today to save tomorrow.

Embrace the 3 R's

The examples above embrace some key aspects of the "3 R's". 

  • Reduce - Reducing emissions of current assets by reducing their energy consumption or abating harmful emissions
  • Reuse - Reusing and repurposing existing rolling stock with new uses or new lower carbon fuels 
  • Recycle - No direct examples shown above - but vehicle design is key to ensuring the maximum volume of materials are reclaimed back into the supply chain at its end of life. 

What is asset optimisation?

Put quite simply asset optimisation is making the most out of the things that you already have and Ricardo has key strengths in this area detailed here. In the case of decarbonisation, it is often working with the existing rollingstock where practical to minimise the import of new embedded carbon that occurs with wholesale fleet replacement.

We can support your teams journey across a wide range of topics from route simulation and driver training, to achieve traction energy savings, through to design and re-engineering current traction packages to utilise new fuels and reduce emissions.

Our focus is to achieve carbon savings in rapid time-scales to build momentum in your decarbonisation journey and to demonstrate this progress to stakeholders so you can celebrate success. 

In every instance, our teams of experts will work alongside you in a spirit of partnership helping to steer the most efficient path to reduced carbon emissions and developing rail transport systems that are fit for the future. 
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