DriveSmart Energy Reduction

DriveSmart Energy Reduction

Traction power savings through enhanced driving techniques

DriveSmart optimises your current assets to deliver traction energy cost savings of up to 25%.

Developed in partnership with The University of Birmingham Centre for Rail Research and Education (BCRRE), DriveSmart models the route and performs detailed analysis to identify optimum driving and braking behaviours, such as where to coast and what are optimal cruising speeds. Drivesmart passes this information to driver teams through bespoke enhanced training programmes to deliver real benefits in reduced energy consumption. 

How DriveSmart helps rail operations:

  • Traction energy costs and associated carbon impact reduced by 10% to 25%
  • No vehicle modifications
  • No extra in-cab equipment 
  • Combined modelling and driver education package
  • Fit for light rail, metro and self-contained conventional rail routes

Watch the 1m:30s video below and read on for more information

"Let the vehicles do the work"


What can DriveSmart deliver?

DriveSmart helps rail operators to reduce energy use along a route without impacting on service performance or reliability
The graphs below show real-life testing of DriveSmart in Edinburgh Tram. The reduction of energy used use did not mean a drop in service speed.

Graph one shows a 20% reduction in total energy usage during the 15km distance from Edinburgh Airport to the city centre

Graph two highlights the energy saved did not alter service timings.

How would I implement DriveSmart?

  1. Each individual route is input into a software simulator, together with a range of operating scenarios, such as variable weather conditions.
  2. The simulator identifies the optimum coasting points and cruising speeds specific to the route and vehicle characteristics. The software calculates the specific points where the driver can increase speed or begin coast towards a stopping point avoiding excessive power or braking inputs.
  3. Once validated under true operational conditions, the evidence is compiled into an enhanced driver training programme that is delivered to your driver teams showing how they can help to minimise energy use whilst maintain journey times.
We have all been impressed with the impact of DriveSmart on day-to-day operations, with a 17% reduction of energy use on the sections where it is used Colin Kerr, Engineering Manager, Edinburgh Trams
We have all been impressed with the impact of DriveSmart on day-to-day operations, with a 17% reduction of energy use on the sections where it is used

Why choose DriveSmart?

With no in-cab display - and thus compatible with systems that use line-of-sight driving - the focus is on empowering drivers to make smarter more efficient driving decisions to deliver significant energy savings.

The more efficient transitions between acceleration, coasting and braking, also benefits passengers too delivering a smoother ride. The less frequent braking also reduces wear and tear in brake components.

No in-cab display - DriveSmart is about driver teams applying their own knowledge

Simulations of routes in both China and the UK has demonstrated potential reduction in traction power use of between 10% and 25%.

The system has been installed on the Edinburgh Tram system since April 2018 delivering a reduction in power requirements of 17% in the areas it is used.  The experiences of their engineering and driver teams following DriveSmart's first year can be seen in the two minute video above.

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