Electric + Battery Hybrid (TRAXX)

Electric + Battery Hybrid (TRAXX)

An electric locomotive capable of operating outside the boundaries of electrification

The TRAXX MS3 by Alstom is an electric-powered locomotive rated at 6MW and 160km/h that can also uniquely features an on-board 230 kW ‘last-mile’ powerpack that enables the vehicle to travel on non-electrified track.
It comes from a family of locomotives that cover a wide range of electrification options used across Europe. (15 kV, 25 kV AC and 1·5 and 3 kV DC).

The last-mile capability option fitted here, to deliver a hybrid powertrain capable of reaching beyond the end of overhead wires, is particularly valued in freight environments where not all tracks are electrified. Examples of such facilities are commonly found on the European freight corridor and around ports such as the Port of Rotterdam.

The Ricardo Rail rollingstock team were employed to carry out testing at the Velim test centre in the Czech Republic. The test programme was to demonstrate the compatibility of the locomotive’s electrical systems with the train protection systems, which required the vehicle to be monitored under a range of normal and degraded operating conditions. This was the final stage of testing before completing the Intermediate Statement of Verification (ISV), an essential requirement before a National Safety Authority can grant a temporary authorisation for type testing.

However like many activities in 2020, the test programme faced interruption by COVID-19 and national lockdowns. So, our team had to come up with some novel solutions to keep the test programme on track. If you'd like to find more and why our customers recommend us then see our case study here.

The cooperation with Ricardo is very good and better than in all other countriesAlstom, 2020

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