Electric + HVO + Battery Hybrid (WINK)

Electric + HVO + Battery Hybrid (WINK)

Multiple power sources to decarbonise Dutch rail routes

Stadler's WINK platform is a two-car, low-floor multiple unit designed for regional routes where services run at lower service frequencies than in more densely populated commuter areas.

The vehicles are equipped with a powerpack that contains a biodiesel-compatible engine, batteries to store energy recuperated from braking, and a pantograph, meaning they can run on electrified or partially electrified lines. The vehicles are designed for a maximum running speed of 140 km/h

Work by Ricardo to explore traction power options for Friesland and Groningen regions in the northern Netherlands was completed,  after initial traditional electrification options were deemed cost prohibitive. Subsequently 18 WINK trainsets were ordered from Stadler to serve routes in these regions. The local authorities in these Dutch provinces having committed to implementing emission-free rail transport.

In addition to assessing the initial work exploring feasible traction types in this region, the Ricardo team has also been instrumental in the testing and approval of this vehicle for service in the Netherlands.

Whilst our team completed the testing programme, Ricardo Certification performed a central role in the assurance process that enabled Stadler to obtain authorisation to run on the Dutch rail network. 

Ricardo responsibilities included providing Designated Body and Notified Body services, as well as acting as the Assessment Body.

This is an outstanding and special result because we achieved the authorisation in only 3 months. Many thanks to all of you who made this possibleLars Dietzel, Authorisation Manager, Stadler

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