Vehicle systems optimisation

Vehicle systems optimisation

Improving technologies and optimising efficiency

With such a diverse fleet of vehicles all with varying lifecycles and performance capabilities in operation across the industry, introducing technological improvements and efficiencies is a complex and high-risk challenge.

Our rolling stock engineers offer an approach that takes full account of benefit-cost ratio for selecting new technologies to adopt for each vehicle and purpose. By assessing the complete system – rather than individual sub-systems – our experts will model the application of a combination of technologies to anticipate their impact on both operational performance and overall lifetime costs. 

This enables fleet managers and owners to take decisions based on data and analysis rather than current industry trends. 

Reducing costs through weight optimization

Ricardo can reduce the weight of key vehicle structures and sub-systems while maintaining strength, robustness and reliability. The very latest computer-aided engineering tools for advanced material structural design are used for this process, as developed and validated in other land-based vehicle applications.

Key Ricardo service areas

  • Design and development of stressed skin structures
  • Use of alternative materials, including high-strength steels and composites
  • Use of advanced processes to optimize material usage
  • Extensive prototype manufacture and test facilities
  • Access to state-of-the-art structural design and optimization tools