Independent assurance

Independent assurance

World-beating service portfolio

Like many safety critical sectors, railways have influential stakeholders — governments, regulators, financial institutions and passengers — who expect a degree of third party assurance on issues related to safety and quality.

Whether assesing new signalling products against the requirements of international standards such as EN50126, or assessing entire rail systems such as the Dubai Metro, our portfolio of independent assurance services is world-beating.

Ricardo’s engineers have worked on approvals projects as assessors or project consultants for over 15 years, including Independent Safety Assessments, Railway Product Assessments and Vehicle Acceptance work.

Cooperation not instruction

We never compromise on safety. But neither do we try to catch projects out during an assessment, or demand excessive amounts of documentation.

Because we know where the pitfalls are, we know how projects should prepare for assessment, meaning we can help steer them through the process as efficiently as possible, reducing risk of delay and keeping costs to a minimum.

Experience has taught us that by adopting a cooperative approach to each assignment, we can help our clients get things ‘right first time’ and lift some of the burden on project managers whenever possible.