Our accreditations

Our accreditations

We are a Type A Inspection Body under ISO17020, a Certification Body under ISO17065 and a Test Organisation under ISO17025.

Based on these accreditations we can provide the following services for the full railway scope:

  • EU27 Notified Body (NoBo) under the Interoperability Directive
  • Assessment Body (AsBo) under the CSM RA regulation
  • Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) in accordance with EN50126/8/9
  • Designated Body (DeBo) in the following countries: UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain
  • Railway Product Certification (RPC) 
  • Assessment Party (AP) for UK Rolling Stock inc. Steam
  • Plant Acceptance Body (PAB) for UK vehicles

Accreditations and appointments

  • E.U Notified Body (The Netherlands Head Office) - Accreditation No. RvA C653 – NANDO 2826
  • E.U. Notified Body (Denmark Head Office)- Accreditation No. DANAK 7045 – NANDO 2816
  • UK Approved Body
  • Assessment Body (The Netherlands Head Office) – Accreditation No. RvA I342 – ERADIS NL/36/0020/0002
  • Assessment Body (The UK Head Office) – Accreditation No. UKAS 9208 – EIN No. UK/35/0120/0001
  • UK Designated Body – Accreditation No. UKAS 9208
  • Danish Designated Body – Accreditation No. DANAK 7045
  • ISA – Accreditation No. UKAS 9208
  • RPC – Accreditation No. UKAS 9208
  • Assessment Party and Plant Assessment Party – Accreditation No. UKAS 9208
  • Netherlands Designated Body – Accreditation No. ILT/2020/13283
  • Spanish Designated Body – Accreditation No. ENAC 136/C-PR313
  • Spanish ISA – Accreditation No. ENAC 322/EI552
  • Spanish Assessment Body – Accreditation No. ENAC 322/EI552
  • Measurements services accredited against ISO/IEC 17025 (see accreditation on the Dutch Accreditation council website)
  • Australia AEO for ISA 156
  • Beijing CNAS for RPC and ISA
  • SCC Canada for ISA (pending) 
  • Designated Body for Belgium, Sweden and Norway (pending) 

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