Independent Verification and Validation

Independent Verification and Validation

What is Independent Verification and Validation?

Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) is a third-party assurance service we provide to confirm that a product, system or entire railway complies with a client’s specified requirements for Safety, RAM, Functionality and Quality.

The verification activities assess that the requirements of each individual phase of a project are being fulfilled – this will ensure your project is being delivered correctly. The validation aspects, meanwhile, track the entire project to ensure it will be fit for its intended use upon completion.

What are the benefits of IVV?

For major railway projects, IVV is considered a “best practice” approach for identifying high-risk areas at the earliest possible stage.

It allows the project owner to take steps to mitigate risks at less costly stages of the project's lifecycle, or begin taking contingency measures in advance.

The regular reports also offer objective, independent assessments of upcoming issues and provide improved visibility of the project's overall quality.

The final IVV certificate will also serve as evidence to key stakeholders that your project has been delivered with due care and attention to factors such as safety and quality throughout its development.

What does the IVV process involve?

The process involves audits and assessments which are used to gather evidence throughout the project lifecycle which culminate, if successful, with the issue of formal certification.

Our approach will be tailored to each project, but may include:

  • A verification and validation plan
  • Design reviews with technical expertise
  • Gate reviews
  • Progress monitoring
  • Design process assessment
  • RAMS-LCC verification
  • Assessment of Change Requests
I believe independent assessment is key to the overall success of a project such as ours Ou Chin-der, Chairman and CEO, THSRC, 2012
I believe independent assessment is key to the overall success of a project such as ours

Characteristics of an Independent Verification and Validation supplier

  • The IVV supplier must be an organisation free to operate remotely from the project's owner and various suppliers. They must have no financial or managerial interests in the project or its outcomes.
  • The assessment teams should possess sufficient interdisciplinary expertise to provide a system-wide understanding of risk, safety and operational best practices.
  • The IVV body must have in-depth understanding of relevant railway standards for safety, performance and functionality.
  • An IVV supplier should follow a proven, structured process throughout the project, performing its role with a thoroughness that ensures all necessary checks are completed within the required timeframe.
Taiwan High Speed Railway

Taiwan High Speed Railway

In 2012 Ricardo was appointed to provide Independent Validation and Verification services for an extension of Taiwan's high-speed network. Our remit was to assess the functionality, quality, maintainability and safety of the new section and confirm compliance with the specifications set out by the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation.

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