Railway product certification

Railway product certification

Unique and proven interpretative protocols

Our railway product assurance service uses robust processes to demonstrate compliance of a product or process against a range of international railway standards.

Our approach is based around our unique and proven interpretative protocols that advise and guide assessors and clients on the requirements of a particular standard, and how to demonstrate compliance. Such an approach ensures consistency and clarity around large and complex European standards.

In the majority of cases, we will conduct a preliminary assessment in order to give all parties confidence that the product, system or process in question is likely to meet the requirements. This will usually be followed by a series of audits, reviews of design documentation and witnessing of tests, with the evidence for compliance gathered into a Technical File.

In many cases it proves more cost-effective to conduct inspections on-site at specified stages of manufacture. Wherever possible, we will adapt our approach to use existing evidence of compliance.

What are the benefits?

A truly independent assessment of your rail products provides increased confidence to your customers that your product will satisfy or exceed their requirements. It proves a commitment to safety and offers the potential to compete on quality and not just price.