Rolling stock assessment

Rolling stock assessment

Bringing rolling stock into service

Ricardo provides a range of vehicle assessment services to help bring rolling stock into service.

Using Assessment Party processes in the UK, we can verify modifications to some vehicles not requiring authorization under the Interoperability Directives as a competent person under Railways and Other Guided Trasnport Systems Regulations (ROGS).

How we can help

  • Our reputation for independence and work on approvals across the railway gives confidence to stakeholders about the integrity of the certification process and assurance to the regulatory bodies that the necessary standards have been met in a demonstrable and robust manner.
  • Various approved processes to tailor a competent person service to meet your specific requirements.
  • Providing constructive feedback throughout the vehicle's development - building quality in, not 'bolting on' at the end.
  • Practical advice and support throughout the rolling stock approvals process.