Software assurance

Software assurance

What is software assurance?

As technology and software systems become more and more integral to the safe operation of modern transport systems, the more important it is that they are rigorously monitored and tested by independent experts.

Our software assurance services can help organisations across the rail sector to reduce the risk of failures and cost overruns, whilst ensuring systems meet appropriate levels of security, reliability and functionality. Our support extends throughout the system lifecycle, from initial specification and procurement through to retirement and replacement.

What are the benefits of software assurance with Ricardo?

  • We ensure that client software meets the requirements for all necessary international standards, such as IEC61508, EN50128, ISO17894, IEC 61511, ISO/IEC 12207, DEF STAN 00-56, MILSTD- 882D and ISO/IEC 15408;
  • Expert guidance of large projects including hazard management, design review, change control, configuration management and management of geographic/configuration data;
  • Development of safety cases to ensure suitability of safety critical software;
  • Analysis of both functional and non-functional requirements to ensure that integrity levels support a safe, secure and dependable system
  • Independent assessment of commercial off-the-shelf or bespoke products;
  • Procurement support to ensure that initial specifications, final tender evaluation, subcontractor management and test monitoring deliver a system that will meet functional, regulatory and quality requirements.

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