CatMon is a series of sensors installed to the pantograph of an in-service vehicle that are used to monitor the condition of the Over Head Line (OHL).

As an alternative to the limited scope of checks conducted only a few times a year, CatMon provides time-series data at an increased frequency to provide continuous trend data of the condition of the OHL across the network.

Infrastructure managers can use the information to plan maintenance interventions before gradual wear and tear leads to de-wirements and service disruptions.

Key characteristics

  • Fibre optic sensors – requires no batteries and is EMI immune.
  • Continuous, cost-efficient condition monitoring using timetabled train services – eliminates expense and disruption of measurements train or visual inspection.
  • Part of integrated product suite or available as a ‘stand-alone’ service
  • Supported by Ricardo in-depth knowledge of rolling stock and infrastructure maintenance concepts.

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