Stop looking for failures...

A dashboard that constantly alerts you to rolling stock faults.... or can reveal the hidden long-term trends that are degrading your fleet’s performance… wouldn’t that be a significant boost to your operations? 

Introducing SmartFleet

A fleet that that consistently provides full service level: that’s the goal for operators, maintainers, and manufacturers alike. 

SmartFleet is a software platform that provides a clear and instant understanding of key fleet performance metrics, providing the analysis and insight required to instigate a proactive and cost-efficient fleet maintenance regime.  

Key benefits

  • Scalable: suitable for series starting from 10 units of rolling stock;
  • A completely implemented product: we’ve put our decades of experience into it;
  • Able to filter: no more wondering which data to use – every notification generated by our system is relevant and requires proper action;
  • Relatively low-cost: high quality at a reasonable price.

Increased availability

Do your engineers currently enter the work they have performed into an ERP system which forms the basis for detecting structural issues? Would it be more efficient to conduct analyses based on technical data drawn from the actual vehicles?

SmartFleet enables maintenance teams to schedule their regimes in full knowledge of the work required long before the vehicles arrive on site. Rather than use their time in the depot looking for faults and issues, SmartFleet’s analytical tools can provide access to structural issues in advance so that technicians can be better prepared.

Greater reliability

By tracking repeated failure patterns, SmartFleet can help engineers tackle the root cause of problem, rather than resort to temporary fixes before it’s eventual re-occurrence. Less downtime means more fleet reliability - exactly what you are striving for.

Reduced maintenance time

Imagine receiving a report that the air conditioning on a vehicle no longer works. Time constraints in the depot may prevent teams from establishing the root cause. Instead they perform a reset, leading in all likelihood to the same vehicle returning to the depot within days reporting the same failure. SmartFleet’s real-time dashboard will reveal exactly how the problem occurred, enabling maintenance teams to address the underlying problem.

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