Aarhus and Odder open new light rail connection

Aarhus and Odder open new light rail connection
24 August 2018

Second phase of Aarhus’ light rail system opens Saturday August 25th.

Phase 2 of the Aarhus light rail system – which initially opened in late 2017 – extends the network southwards to the nearby city of Odder, increasing its total length from 12 km to 42 km.

The new route takes advantage of a previously closed mainline route, which has been adapted to carry a mix of light rail and ‘Tram Trains’ – bi-mode rolling stock that can operate partly as a train with higher speeds and automotive train protection, but also by manual operation at street level alongside road traffic. Up to 12 trains per hour will serve this busy urban central section.

Ricardo Certification has supported the project’s development since 2012 when the team were appointed as the Independent Safety Assessor.

Phase 1 was opened in December 2017 to serve Aarhus’ central areas. The system has quickly proven to be extremely popular – a result of its impressive reliability performance, with the first six months' operation recording that 99% of services ran and completed their journeys on time. The network has also carried an average of 8,400 passengers per day – an increase of 40 per cent compared to the bus line that it replaced.

“We are proud to be serving this important project for the mid-Jutland region,” commented Ricardo Certification business manager, Thomas Rasch. “Delivering a seamless new transportation system that integrates new track with existing lines presents a range of challenges, and we were pleased to be able to fulfil the crucial role of independent safety assessor. We look forward to providing continuous support throughout the completion of the future Phase 3 of the Aarhus light rail network.”