Danish resignalling hits its stride

Danish resignalling hits its stride
27 May 2020

The Danish re-signalling programme is the largest of its kind that Europe has ever seen.

Initiated in 2008, it will see the replacement of a 50-year-old lineside system - featuring some assets that dated back to the First World War – with European Train Control System (ETCS) level 2 baseline 3 across more than 3,000km of mainline routes.

At the same time, Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is being introduced to Copenhagen’s 170km suburban network.

On behalf of the national infrastructure manager, Banedanmark, our colleagues in Ricardo Certification - a separate and independent business within the Ricardo group - are performing assurance roles on the migration to both ERTMS and CBTC systems, including Assessment Body and Notified Body services, as well as acting as the Independent Safety Assessor.

Despite the delays to be expected on such a major project - no other railway has attempted such a wholesale transition before - the programme has now hit its stride.

Two ‘Early Deployment’ lines entered into service in 2019, followed earlier this year by the first Roll Out line for the western region. A Roll Out line in the east is due to commission shortly and further routes are scheduled to open at six-month intervals.

But reaching this point has not been without complications for all parties.

For more about this project's recent assurance progress, see the recent blog from Thomas Rasch, Business Manager, Ricardo Certification in Denmark.

An environment that previous ERTMS installations around the world have not had to address


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