Embracing uncertainty - scenario planning exercises

Embracing uncertainty - scenario planning exercises
12 June 2020

Though the world of business was already complex and unpredictable, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic  presented a new level of challenge in planning for long-term business sustainability.

But in this new world of uncertainty, help is at hand in the form of new scenario modelling techniques developed by Ricardo that can help organisations of all sizes prepare for the unexpected.

In an article that features in the latest edition of Ricardo's quarterly publication, RQ, colleagues from our Strategic Consultancy team explain how a revised set of  scenarios they have developed - ‘Creative Scavengers,’ ‘Technopolis,’ ‘Digitopolis’ and ‘Ecopolis’ - help reflect a different balance between how communities, governments and organizations will behave in the medium to long term, providing a new basis for organisational planning exercises.

In the article, Dr Carl Telford, futures research manager for Ricardo Strategic Consulting explains how these four potential futures form a powerful catalyst for companies to stretch their thinking, to discover new opportunities and to prepare for the uncertainties that lie ahead.

“While scenarios don’t within themselves predict the future, they can provide an invaluable tool in planning and preparation" Dr Carl Telford.

To view the RQ article from June 2020, 'Prepare for the unexpected' click here

To obtain a copy of the free Ricardo Strategic Consulting white paper ‘Embracing uncertainty: Covid-19 and beyond’, visit: https://rsc.ricardo.com/insights/embracing-uncertainty-covid-19-and-beyond