Hybrid WINK - testing and certification

Hybrid WINK - testing and certification
25 June 2020

Three brand-new trainsets from Stadler, a Swiss train manufacturer, have arrived in the Netherlands for a programme of testing on the Dutch rail network that will be overseen by Ricardo Certification.

The trainsets are the world’s first example of Stadler's newly developed WINK train platform. The vehicles are equipped with a ‘PowerPack’ containing a biodiesel-compatible engine, batteries to store energy recuperated from braking and a pantograph, meaning that the trains are also set up to run on electrified or partially electrified lines. As the WINK is a hybrid train, its electrical performance also needs to be rigorously tested.

Our teams have been supporting Stadler in the planning and management of this complex operation for several months, with preparations in place for a range of tests, including verification of the automatic train protection system.

Ricardo Certification also performed assurance roles, including Designated Body and Notified Body services, as well as acting as the Assessment Body. As an independent and accredited party, we will check the train’s compliance with European and Dutch technical regulations, which will enable Stadler to obtain an authorization to run on the Dutch rail network.

For the certification, we will provide expertise on a wide variety of technical areas, e.g. electrical systems, braking, environmental conditions and train safety systems. Last month, the Dutch authorities allowed track testing to commence on the Dutch tracks based on the intermediate certification status.

Arriva has bought 18 of the WINK trainsets for use on regional lines in Friesland and Groningen. These tests will be carried out by Ricardo Certification on a test ring in Germany after the first test has been performed in the Netherlands. After successful testing on the test ring, the trainsets will return to the Netherlands for the final part of the programme of testing.

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