NoBo and AsBo roles in Zwolle renovation, the second largest railway junction in the Netherlands

NoBo and AsBo roles in Zwolle renovation, the second largest railway junction in the Netherlands
11 June 2020

In the weekend of 5-7 June major renovation works will be carried out at Zwolle railway yard, the second largest railway junction in the Netherlands.

This work is focused on commissioning the fully renovated garaging area (RGS) on the south side of the yard between Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and the River IJssel.

The garaging area is equipped with catenary and service platforms for the cleaning and minor maintenance of trainsets and can from now on be operated from the control centre. In addition, as part of the two-year renovation work on the yard, the first part of a new train protection system (coupled iVPI) was put into service and new point switches installed in the main line. 
In preparation for this renovation work, Ricardo Certification, in its role as Notified Body (NoBo) and commissioned by Alliantie Zwaluw (a collaboration between ProRail and contractor Volker Stevin), carried out a study into the conformity of the designs with railway legislation and regulations. This led to the issue of two Interim Inspection Statements.

Furthermore, Ricardo Certification, as the appointed Assessment Body (AsBo), investigated risk management in the project. This renovation work could not have gone ahead without Ricardo’s positive recommendation that resulted from this study. 

The renovation work at Zwolle railway yard is part of the “Spoorplan Noord-Nederland” (North Netherlands Railway Plan) and will lead to a significant improvement of rail transport  from the Randstad conurbation to North Netherlands. 

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