PURE - the fundamentals of Human Factors

PURE - the fundamentals of Human Factors
14 February 2020

Introducing PURE - the Ricardo Human Factors process


Human Factors is about putting users at the heart of system development to ensure that the right performance is achieved. The benefits of getting this right can include lower development costs, lower training costs, fewer errors and enhanced customer and staff satisfaction.

To introduce the fundamentals of Human Factors thinking, and show how you can begin to apply them to your own projects, Karen Priestley, Principal Human Factor's Consultant, has produced a short series of free webinars based around our 'PURE' concept, mixing theory with real-life case studies to illustrate each element of the process.

The PURE process consists of:

Performance - understanding the required system performance
Users - recognising their tasks and the context in which they are working
Requirements - developing knowledge of what is required of users
Evaluation - looking for improvements at different stages of the project lifecycle.

To access the webinars, please complete the simple form on the PURE webinar homepage


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For more information about the PURE process, or our wider Human Factors work in the transportation and energy sectors, please contact ricardorail@ricardo.com.