Repoint wins IET Innovation Award

Repoint wins IET Innovation Award
17 November 2016

Repoint, a failsafe rail track switching system designed by Loughborough University, has collected the 2016 IET Innovation Transport Award.

The Innovation Awards is an annual ceremony hosted by the IET that extends across 15 different categories to and carries prestige and authority for engineers and technologists all over the world.

During the ceremony in London on November16th, representatives from Loughborough University and RSSB were on stage, along with Joss Apps, Principal Consultant from Ricardo Rail, to collect the award for the Transport category.

Ricardo Rail is leading a consortium to develop the first installation of the Repoint design, a concept that could help support increased levels of day-to-day rail traffic across the network.

The design introduces the concept of using several actuators to operate the same points, meaning that in the event of a single failure the remaining actuators continue to function safely. With this additional redundancy built into each machine, rail traffic can still pass and remedial maintenance can be scheduled without causing immediate disruption to services: Ricardo Rail to lead installation of revolutionary switch.