Ricardo Rail hosted an Open Data Seminar in Brussels

Ricardo Rail hosted an Open Data Seminar in Brussels
24 June 2016

Karel Vinck, European Coordinator for ERTMS covered large projects which require large amounts of data.  Crucial aspects of this are qualified personnel and financial means that often transcend the national and even European framework.  This presentation illustrated a strategic approach to these challenges.

Leo van Dongen, Director of NedTrain Fleet Services/Professor Maintenance Engineering University of Twente gave a presentation on modern digital technology including the opportunities in the years ahead specifically in the area of making maintenance more dynamic.  Great progress can be achieved using data mining to improve the availability and reliability of critical systems.  However, it is specifically important with big data to

keep things simple and manageable.  Improvement is a step by step process after all.  Data contains information and people have knowledge.  Although due to competitive considerations information is not always easily shared, open and transparent cooperation with suppliers in the chain is the key to success.

Rudi Maerschalck, Senior VP STIB-MIVB, outlined the unique context in which the MIVB-STIB is evolving and the big challenges that go along with it.  Following this he covered the role of Open data, as well as clients’ experiences.