Safety Certification seminar with Korea Railroad Research Institute

Safety Certification seminar with Korea Railroad Research Institute
01 March 2017

The seminar was held in line with the ‘Joint Certification Scheme for Railway Safety’ which has been driven by KRRI jointly with Ricardo Rail under the ‘Memorandum of Agreement for Collaboration in Railway Safety Assessment’ signed on 21 Septempber 2015 by both parties.

More than 100 industry figures from government, operators and system suppliers -  including Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT) and the UK Embassy in Korea - were in the audience.

Paul Seller, Managing Director for Ricardo Rail, gave a welcome speech along with Dr. Bon-Hwan Koo from Railway Operation Safety Division of MOLIT and Dr. Ki-Hwan Kim, President of KRRI.

In his welcome speech Mr Seller stated, ‘The clever certification provider adopts ways of working, tools and techniques that differentiates it from the rest - providing certification that brings maximum kudos, which minimises residual risk and does both in a cost effective way. That's the mark of a truly excellent certification provider.  And I believe, through close collaboration, that is what Ricardo and KRRI can become in the Korean railway sector.’

In the seminar, the Certifcation Director for Ricardo Certification, Richard Gibney, gave a presentation on ‘Today’s railway certification in EU and other countries across the world’, whilst the Managing Director for Ricardo Rail's Asia business, Iain Carmichael, on ‘The history of joint railway certification between China & UK and the current situation’.

Speakers from KRRI gave presentations on ‘Today and Future of Railway Safety Certification in Korea’ and ‘Korea’s Risk-based Railway Safety Management in accordance with international standards.’