Seoul Metro - Rolling stock safety assessment

Seoul Metro - Rolling stock safety assessment
17 September 2015

Ricardo Rail has been appointed as the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) for the manufacture, testing and entry into service of new rolling stock that has recently been ordered for Seoul Metro's Line 2.

The Dawonsys-Rowin consortium was awarded a contract in March 2015 to provide 200 new carriages and Ricardo's rolling stock experts will now provide safety assessments at each stage of their development through to 2019.

Line 2 is a loop that circles Seoul's central districts and is the most heavily used line on the entire network. With the addition of two small branches, the total length of Line 2 is 60km, along which it serves more than 50 stations.

With much of the current operational fleet now over 20 years old, the Seoul Metropolitan Government initiated a long-term procurement plan over the period 2015 to 2023 to replace a total of 600 carriages, amounting to around 60% of Line 2's stock.

This was the first rolling stock procurement process held in Korea since the full implementation of the revised Railway Safety Act in July 2014.

Under the requirements of the Act, a formal safety management process must be in place throughout the production and maintenance of rolling stock, as well as other safety-critical rail equipment.

Therefore this is the first time a Korean operator has requested the involvement of an Independent Safety Assessor from the very outset of the manufacturing process, representing a significant milestone in the continual development of railway safety in Korea.

The Ricardo Rail team in Seoul won the competitive bid to provide ISA services in June 2015 and will be providing a team of local assessors - and drawing on international expertise from our global network as required - to support the project and help ensure it remains on schedule.

[Image courtesy: Wikipedia/LERK]