Edinburgh Trams 'Highly Commended'

Edinburgh Trams 'Highly Commended'
04 October 2018

Our congratulations to Edinburgh Trams and the SmartDrive team for their ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Global Light Rail Awards in London (October 3rd).

The commendation was for the ‘Environmental Sustainability Initiative’ category and in relation to the introduction of the SmartDrive system to the Edinburgh network earlier this year.

Developed in a partnership between University of Birmingham Centre for Rail Research and Education (BCRRE) and Ricardo, with initial sponsorship from UK Tram, SmartDrive applies a mix of train trajectory optimisation analysis and on-site driver training to reduce energy usage costs on light rail, metro and self-contained heavy rail routes.

Up to 25% reduction in traction energy costs

The process begins with the modelling of individual routes to find the most appropriate train movement sequences under different scenarios (such as inclement weather). This analysis is then the basis for identifying where certain driving techniques – such as coasting and braking - can reduce energy use along the route.

Once tested under true operational conditions, the evidence is compiled into a bespoke driver training programme specific to each route.

With no in-cab display - and thus compatible with systems that use line-of-sight driving – the focus of SmartDrive is less on instructing drivers and more on empowering them to apply efficient behaviours as they see fit and when conditions allow.

For a typical 1.2 km tram journey on a section of segregated track, for example, SmartDrive has previously revealed how up to 500 metres can be travelled by coasting. Furthermore, the early pilots schemes have shown how drivers were often surprised by the coasting distance that can be achieved.

With more efficient transitions between acceleration, coasting and braking, passengers also benefit from smoother rides, whilst less frequent braking reduces wear and tear and thus requires less maintenance.

Simulation testing in China and on the Edinburgh Tram network have demonstrated a potential reduction in traction power use of between 10% and 25%, which on a small light rail network.

Innovation for the industry

SmartDrive was the 2017 winner of Impetus, Ricardo Rail’s own internal innovation competition where it competed against other ideas for development funding, leading to its early adoption by Edinburgh Trams.

Now marketed as ‘DriveSmart’ the team are currently talking to a number of operators about future applications of the system.

For more information: See our SmartDrive page