Successful ERA authorisation for brand-new rolling stock certified by Ricardo Certification

Successful ERA authorisation for brand-new rolling stock certified by Ricardo Certification
16 February 2021

The Swiss train manufacturer Stadler has built a series of brand-new hybrid trainsets to be operated in the Dutch northern provinces Friesland and Groningen. The trainsets are the world’s first example of the newly developed WINK train platform offered by Stadler and have been certified against both Dutch and European technical legislation by Ricardo Certification. The authorisation was granted by ERA, in accordance with the new process under the fourth railway package.

As the fourth railway package (4RP) took effect in 2019, railway vehicle authorisations are being issued via the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA). Ricardo Certification has been working with Stadler on a series of projects under the new 4RP. Having gained extensive experience in authorisations through the OSS in the initial period the 4RP came into effect, Ricardo Certification is able to support manufacturers and operators  looking for a smooth authorisation of their new or modified rolling stock assets.

The latest addition to the list of authorisation under the 4RP is the vehicle type authorisation of the WINK trainsets. The authorisation by ERA is based on the Notified Body, Designated Body and Assessment Body certification by Ricardo Certification. The in-depth knowledge of the relevant European legislation and the extensive project experience enabled us to deliver a certification file that could be accepted by ERA in an exceptionally short time span.

Lars Dietzel, authorization manager Stadler:

We are very happy to inform you that we have received the vehicle type authorization for the WINK, DMU part. This is an outstanding and special result because we achieved the authorisation in only 3 months. Many thanks to all of you and your colleagues who made this possible!

Fourth Railway Package

The implementation of the Fourth Railway Package is an important change for the European rail system. In the past, train operators, manufacturers or anyone who planned to operate in or sell to clients in more than one Member State, had to apply for vehicle authorisations and safety certificates separately in every Member State concerned. From 31 October onwards, only one application must be filed through ERA’s One-Stop Shop IT tool (OSS). The Netherlands was one of the first countries to implement the 4RP.

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