Webinar: Digital Asset Monitoring to reduce costs and improve performance

Webinar: Digital Asset Monitoring to reduce costs and improve performance
07 April 2021

How to use Digital Asset Monitoring to reduce costs and improve performance across rail operations

Date: April 21st 2021, 9.30am CET (8.30am BST)

Presenter: Maarten Zanen, Rail Asset Management Consultant

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As rail networks become increasingly digitally-oriented, the volume and quality of data produced by day-to-day operations has grown exponentially.

This presents huge challenges around the collection and analysis of performance data.

But it also presents new opportunities to gain genuine insights from your asset base and inspire tangible improvements to the railway and its operational performance.

Using real-world examples, this webinar from Maarten Zanen, from Ricardo's Rail Asset Management team, will demonstrate how asset managers - across infrastructure managers, service operators and fleet owners - can reduce maintenance costs and improve performance by applying the latest monitoring techniques.

To register:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8287668264430609676

Webinar agenda 

Using real-world examples, our one-hour session will reveal the added value of Digital Asset Monitoring and explain:

WHY you should routinely monitor rail assets - which assets and interfaces can be monitored and for what benefit?

WHAT are the best monitoring techniques for your organisation - can you ensure they will achieve your objectives?

HOW to combine existing and new data streams - how will you translate the trends, patterns and logic into usable 'data fingerprints'?

Introducing our webinar host

Maarten Zanen is Team Manager for Ricardo's Rail IT and Data Consultancy and has more than 15 years of experience in railway asset management and data analytics, with a focus on infrastructure and rolling stock. 

Maarten is expert in enabling the integration of IT in OT for rolling stock and implementing digital asset monitoring for railway infrastructure managers and operators. 

Specialist areas of expertise: Asset Management, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Information Management, Building Information Model (BIM) and Rail Infrastructure.