Webinar: Requirements Management

Webinar: Requirements Management
27 April 2021

Requirements Management: Staying in control of the details throughout the rolling stock procurement process

Date: May 11th 2021, 9.30am CET (8.30am BST)

Presenter: Johan Zandhuis, Senior Consultant

To register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7929825607945467662

There are not many larger - or more complex - procurement exercises undertaken in the rail sector than those for acquiring new rolling stock.

These programmes, which can take several years to conclude, involve defining high-value assets with lifespans that can extend for decades into the future.

With digital technologies now so integral to day-to-day rail operations, the onboard IT and software systems will have a significant influence on the vehicle's long-term reliability and performance.

In practice, however, quality issues related to IT and software are typically the last to emerge, with inherent glitches, errors and incompatibilities detectable only in the final testing stages.

Requirements Management can help reduce risks and help you maintain a tight control over the details throughout the procurement process. In a 40-minute webinar, Johan Zandhuis, Senior Consultant, will demonstrate:

  • Why attention to software quality is incorrectly given low priority and often left too late.
  • Requirements management as a standard ingredient ('mise en place') for reducing risk.
  • Expected future developments to increase grip on software quality and asset reliability accordingly.

This session will be an essential briefing for all those involved in the manufacture, procurement and long-term performance of new rolling stock.

To register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7929825607945467662