Ricardo's Korea office is located in the Yeongdeungpo-gu district of Seoul.

Since the launch of our Korea rail business in 2003, we have successfully established our position as a leading provider of  rail safety and engineering expertise for the local market, in addition to offering an extensive portfolio of independent assurance services.

Our focus is on promoting the safety of Korean rail systems by helping to facilitate collaboration and understanding between key industry stakeholders, from major railway operators, government bodies and the national infrastructure manager, to a broad range of suppliers that includes signalling technology developers, rolling stock manufacturers and infrastructure providers.

Key clients include MOLIT, KORAIL, KRNA, KRRI, KOTI, Seoul Metro, Hyundai Rotem, LS ELECTRIC, POSCO E&C, SEOWOO and DAEATI.

The strong, cooperative relationships we maintain with our clients derives from the technical competency we have demonstrated during the successful completion of key project milestones, including for the KRTCS ISA, KORAIL Safety Management System Review, Seoul Metro's new RST ISAs, Safety Inspector Manual Review for MOLIT and Systems Engineering support for Manila MRT-7 and GTX A Line.

We also help Korean suppliers and operators enter overseas markets by helping them to develop bidding strategies and meet specific safety requirements.

Strategic consulting is also a growing area of interest in the Korean market, specifically in the fields of Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and digital resilience/cyber security where we can provide capabilities and insight from across the Ricardo Group, including international teams of experts who provide similar services to the automotive, industrial and energy sectors.

Our team is also committed to supporting the sharing of knowledge and technical skills across the Korean industry, with active participation in various industry seminars, exhibitions and reasearch projects,  and through the design and delivery of bespoke training for the local industry.

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