CSM-RA training (UK)

CSM-RA training (UK)

Ricardo's CSM training courses

If you are involved with changes to the railway, you need to have an understanding of how to manage risks. The European Commission Common Safety Method (CSM) on Risk Evaluation and Assessment Regulation (EU 402/2013 as amended by EU 2015/1136) provides a legal obligation and mandatory framework for the evaluation and assessment of risk associated with engineering, operational and organisational changes to the railway.

We offer the following courses related to the regulation and its implementation:


Introductory course

Understanding the CSM Regulation and the risk assessment framework, and guidance on implementing engineering changes

A course comprised of two one-day units that can be attended concurrently or separately. It provides attendees with a detailed understanding of the regulatory framework and its place within the context of Engineering Safety Management best practice.

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Making sense of CSM with CDM

Understanding how the CSM Regulation fits with the UK Construction, Design and Management Regulations


This is a one-day course for those involved in design and construction of infrastructure for UK mainline railways who are already familiar with the CDM Regulations. It will provide delegates with an understanding of the CSM Regulation, the risk assessment framework and guidance on implementation to a level appropriate for someone contributing to, but not managing, the overall process. It includes a comparison with management of risks under the CDM Regulations, and advice on how to apply the two regulations together.


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