Digital resilience

Digital resilience

How digital resilience goes beyond cyber security

Cyber security is often associated with the protection of IT, servers and data but we see this as only part of the wider picture. 

True digital resilience looks at the interfaces between information networks,  physical assets and the passengers and staff who use and maintain day-today services.

Our Digital Resilience service team helps clients across the rail industry to understand the security implications of digitally connected systems and then help them protect against incidents that could impose significant costs and disruption upon their organisation. 

By applying best practices and standards from the transport sector - and further afield, such as government and national security -  we provide objective assessments of our client's current situation and help determine whether the security controls in place are proportionate to the risks their systems and processes face.

We offer our services through four distinct services:

NIS-D - understanding and compliance

Digital Risk Assessment

Independent Security Assessment

Digital Resilience Lifecycle

Digital risk assessment: Aventra

Digital risk assessment: Aventra

In partnership with Roke Manor Research Ltd, a leading UK innovator in cyber security,  Ricardo's experts helped Bombardier’s undertake an in-depth assessment of the Aventra's exposure to cyber threats.

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