Independent Security Assessment

Independent Security Assessment

Ricardo holds a long and proud record of delivering Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) services for railway clients across the world.

Whether certifying that new signalling products meet international standards, such as EN50126, or assessing entire rail systems, we have unparalleled international experience in this arena.

And it is with this reputation for impartiality and evidence-based judgements that we offer our Independent Security Assessment service, offering clients the opportunity to place existing measures under the forensic scrutiny of our rail and security experts.

Clear evidence of a security culture

Following the conclusion of our assessments, organisations gain a true understanding as to whether current measures are meeting recognized industry and international standards, and can determine if they remain sufficient to the ongoing threats they face.

The resulting certification - equivalent to a non-accredited ISA service - can also be used as evidence to internal and external stakeholders that the oraganisation possesses a serious and long-term approach to the security of its systems and assets.