Investigative testing

Investigative testing

What is investigative testing?

Once a vehicle or infrastructure has been taken into service a range of operational challenges can arise.

It is important that reliability and availability remain at acceptable levels, both from an operational and cost perspective. And, of course, safety has to be continuously guaranteed.

In order to guarantee reliable and safe operation, the status of your rail assets must be closely monitored to detect potential issues at an early stage. In cases where issues arise the cause must be determined, potentially leading to changes to either the asset, or the way it is used.  

How our investigative testing services can help you

To help our customers manage these aspects, we offer a range of monitoring and measurement services called Investigative testing.

We can instrument your asset with one or our (autonomous) measurement solutions in order to learn more about its behaviour.

Whether there is a known issue or you want to gain more knowledge about the asset, our instrumentation can help you learn. We tailor the solution offered to the problem at hand, ranging from very affordable (IoT) sensor networks to semi-permanent data loggers.

Investigative testing helps to focus your processes 

Based on the data collected, Ricardo specialists from a wide variety of fields of expertise can then offer advice to you on how to solve the problem or how to optimise your (maintenance) processes. 

Our investigative testing services focus on the analysis of operational issues, on the optimisation of maintenance processes, on the improvement of safety and on the improvement of operational performance (energy efficiency, noise reduction, etc.). We also offer a range of on-board and trackside monitoring systems.