Our approach

Our approach

Test projects are often complex , involving a range of stakeholders with different priorities,  short planning periods, high technical complexity and, quite often, complex and unforeseen operational challenges that must be quickly resolved.

Therefore it is important to have a reliable and flexible partner for testing. By choosing Ricardo, you will have the support of a test partner that:

  • Understands how the test results will be used (e.g. for certification)
  • Helps to create the most efficient test program, looking at overall project cost and reduction of risks
  • Can react to unexpected test outcome or sudden changes in planning by ensuring sufficient availability of experienced staff

How is a test programme delivered?

As Ricardo we have years of experience in testing projects and our test approach is shown in the picture below.

A testing project at Ricardo consists of three main activities:

  • Technical specialists translate the requirements into a test specification and test procedures and the same specialists analyse the test results

  • Our test run organisation can assist in the execution of the test runs on a test ring or in an operational environment with help of a local operator

  • Our measurement specialists perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited measurements 

Following many years' experience of vehicle testing, we know the importance of careful project management at every stage of the testing process. Our program and project managers know the stakeholders and work closely with our customers and local operators. In bigger projects we also appoint a technical managers to manage the technical quality and to translate technically complex information into clear information for the customer and other stakeholders.

Finally we are also happy to support our customers within their test project, ranging from providing help to create a test procedure to setting up a complete test program (see test support).

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