In today’s world decarbonisation is an important driver for developments in transportation. Both on the technology side and on the operational use of rail vehicles and infrastructure. The ultimate aim is to reduce CO2 by reducing the amount of energy used on one hand and using green sources of energy on the other hand.

Before implementing new solutions, a virtual model can help to understand multiple different effects of the new solution. For instance, what is the impact of energy efficient driving on the achievable timetable? IGNITE is a software tool that can be used to develop such virtual models of rail systems. It is a flexible, modular environment which can be used to investigate multi-domain problems. The tool uses content libraries, including fuel cell and ThermoFluids. IGNITE also has built-in decision support, enabling integrated design of experiments and optimisation capabilities to quickly find answers. IGNITE was initially developed by Ricardo for development of complex automotive hybrid propulsion systems. The tool is has since been further developed for a range of applications, including rail.

We apply our experience and knowledge of energy and traction supply systems in rail with our IGNITE software development experience in the automotive branch for a wide range of services for our clients, for example:

  • Cost/benefit analysis of electrification as opposed to hybridisation of diesel trains
  • Studies related to energy efficient driving
  • Development and validation of the control of hybrid systems
  • Energy optimisation studies
  • Determination of specifications for components of the traction chain / energy supply system
  • Development of eco-drive systems
  • Analysis of the effect of adhesion conditions on braking and regeneration profiles

IGNITE for rail can be used for:

  • Modelling of various types of energy supply systems, including battery and hydrogen systems
  • Exploitation analysis
  • Component, sub-system, system (vehicle) and whole-network level assessment

For more technical information of IGNITE, click here.