KARPER energy modelling

KARPER energy modelling

Simulations can be used to perform studies of the traction energy supply. Especially when simulating a larger part of the infrastructure, building a model of this infrastructure can be very time consuming. In order to overcome this problem, Ricardo developed a method to quickly and automatically build models by using information from predefined tables.

We successfully used this method to calculate the average power that can be fed back to the overhead line when the train is recuperating brake energy. This type of modelling is becoming more interesting, because modern rail vehicles can recuperate brake energy into the overhead line. In DC traction power systems, the power that can be recuperated is limited by other consumers in the vicinity because the energy cannot be fed into the public electricity grid. The power is also dependant on the overhead line voltage. This power is used to calculate the global energy consumption taking into account the recuperation of the rolling stock.

The method is used in our software tool KARPER. KARPER calculates the average power that can be recuperated to the overhead line and uses an infrastructure description based on information in tables. These tables contain information about substations, switching stations, stations and track connections. One parameter of the substations model is the average power consumption. In our model, this power consumption is derived from the actual information of the energy meters that are installed in the substations.

Our specialists can quickly configure the input for KARPER and perform recuperation analysis for you. It is also possible to perform other simulations and other analysis with similar simulation models.

With KARPER and our method we can help you with the following types of challenges: 

  • Determine the recuperation potential by simulation of the infrastructure with recuperating trains on the network
  • Performing simulations for delivered power by the substations
  • Performing studies on energy losses in the infrastructure
  • Performing studies on energy storage
  • Performing studies on voltage levels on the pantograph

If you face these types of challenges, our experts are available to help you find the best approach. 

*) KARPER is Dutch for CaRP which is the abbreviation of Calculation of Recuperation Potential