Vehicle procurement

Vehicle procurement

Expert guidance throughout the vehicle procurement process

Our teams will provide technical expertise through every step of the vehicle procurement process, ensuring your exact requirements are clearly communicated to the supplier market and that the final products will meet your performance expectations. 

In territories where it is required, we will also be present to confirm the vehicle procurement process is conducted in full compliance with EU tendering processes.

For a process that can take several years to complete, we will provide valuable continuity from the opening consultations through to requirements capture, supplier negotiation, design and test review, quality assessment and eventual acceptance.

This means that even as personnel in your own teams change, we will be ever-present to safeguard the project's progress during key procurement decision points and the scrutiny of external stakeholders and internal decision boards. 

How Ricardo can provide vehicle procurement support 

Clients choose Ricardo as their vehicle procurement advisor because few other organisations bring the same level of technical capability during every stage of the process. 

Within our teams are strategists to calculate future capacity needs; project managers to implement a bespoke requirements tool; negotiators to oversee the Best And Final Offer phase; technical specialists to review the supplier's designs and ensure compliance with specifications; skilled auditors to determine whether production quality is meeting expected standards; and contract managers to manage the drafting of warranty claims.

We also have access to an accredited approvals team - the independent organisation, Ricardo Certification - which can advise on all relevant standards and regulations for domestic or international markets. 

The benefits to you of our vehicle procurement expertise 

Our 'one stop shop' approach means we can manage your rolling stock procurement project from start to finish.

By using our expertise for the entire process you can be certain all necessary controls will be in place to ensure costs, timelines and quality standards meet your initial objectives.

Procurement claim

For the VIRM4 double decker trains operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the warranty cost benefit ratio we helped implement was 1:10