Danish signalling programme

Danish signalling programme
04 June 2015

The Danish re-signalling project is the largest of its kind that Europe has ever seen.

The €3.2 billion programme will replace all signalling on Banedanmark’s national lines — over 3,000km of track — with ERTMS Level 2 signalling technology by 2021. Upon completion, Denmark will become the first Member State to adopt ERTMS on a national scale.

Almost half of the country’s existing signalling technology is over 50 years old, with some assets dating back to the First World War. The aging systems are estimated to cause around half of all delays.

The introduction of ERTMS across the national network will involve the removal of all lineside equipment, with train movements managed by central control centres communicating directly with the train and its driver via in-cab equipment. This will allow for higher speeds, shorter headways, improved safety and significantly reduced signalling-related delays. It will also ensure full interoperability in accordance with European standards.

A parallel project will, by 2018, see the signalling system on the S-Bane commuter network around Copenhagen replaced with Communications Based Train Control (CBTC), a technology optimised for the stop-start nature of urban metro systems.

We are providing assurance services on both the national network and the commuter S-bane resignalling project, through to their their completion.

This means we are overseeing the overall safety assessment of the entire programme, including the assessment of supplier and stakeholder inputs, to ensure that the programme execution and the deliveries fulfill the necessary safety requirements.