Air Quality

Air Quality

Why is air quality an issue?

Poor air quality, particularly in urban areas, is linked to an estimated 4.2 million deaths worldwide annually. 

40 million people in the 115 largest cities in Europe are exposed to air exceeding World Health Organization air quality guideline values for at least one air pollutant.

How Ricardo can help

There are three main ways that Ricardo teams can assist in the area of air quality management and improvement.

Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring

Ricardo has the longest-established specialist air quality team in the world and, with over 130 experts and developers. With over 60 years' history working with governments and commercial organisations, we help our clients across the globe monitor air quality trends.  

Robust monitoring is essential for understanding compliance with regulatory limits and, just as importantly, for designing effective and targeted actions to improve air quality and reduce impacts on health and the environment. 

Ricardo has been improving air quality for more than 60 years
Ricardo: a long history in air quality monitoring 

Strategy, policy and advice

We have worked with the UK Government to deliver progressive improvements in air quality since the London smogs of the 1950s and have since  taken this expertise to national and city authorities worldwide. As of 2021 we have worked with over 200 city authorities, examining local and national air quality and emissions policies. 

We are the leading supplier of air quality and emissions advice to the European Commission and other international bodies. We provide the most comprehensive range of air quality and emissions services – from policy support to meet national and international obligations, through to detailed technical solutions. 

Our unique insights, combined with our climate change and greenhouse gas expertise, enable us to offer governments, authorities and other stakeholders an integrated approach to address their air and environmental quality challenges at business, city, regional, national and international levels.

Air Quality

Engine Emissions Control

Engine exhaust emissions, such as particulates, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen, are one of the main sources of air pollution.

With over 100 years of engine experience, Ricardo's automotive teams are experts in planning, design, simulation, and implementation of exhaust aftertreatment systems to abate harmful emissions. Working alongside our rollingstock engineers, they can assess the appropriate aftertreatment techniques for your fleet to help deliver cleaner air for both passengers and staff.

We can also provide advice on whether other options such as alternative fuels, selective engine shut down or even hybrid powertrain retrofits that may offer better opportunities to achieve your air quality goals within limited budgets.

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Get a free 1:1 sustainability 'health check'

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