Rolling stock

Rolling stock

Rolling stock services

We help vehicle manufacturers, operators and owners provide vehicles that are reliable, durable and optimised for the needs of the 21st century railway.

Our capabilities extend across all forms of rolling stock - multiple units, locomotives, freight, light rail and even heritage models – and encompass the entire lifecycle, from initial specification to refurbishment and retirement.

And whether producing award-winning designs, providing procurement due diligence, introducing data-oriented maintenance processes or performing testing and approvals services, we a combination of systems engineering principles and sound engineering processes to every assignment, even under the most demanding of timescales.

Very pleased with the technical content and turnaround time for what was a difficult subject Freightliner Group Ltd
Very pleased with the technical content and turnaround time for what was a difficult subject

Design and engineering

Our in-house design and engineering teams have a proven record of producing cost-effective designs and for the manufacture of high-quality components for rolling stock.

From full bodyshell design to the development of sub-systems such as bogies and under-frame equipment, we provide innovative solutions from concept through to fully engineered production drawings.

We have over 50 years’ experience of delivering cleaner, more efficient engines for our clients and offer a complete range of bespoke engine solutions across the full product life cycle, including specification, modernisation and upgrades, niche manufacture and in-field support.

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Maintenance support

We have an established history of optimising fleet maintenance regimes via real-time fault detection and asset monitoring diagnostics. This enables us to help clients accelerate the adoption of predictive maintenance methodologies as a means of reducing costs, improving fleet availability and - by removing the need to expose staff to high risk trackside environments - enhancing safety.

Our specialist RAMS teams also help clients further enhance performance by enabling operations teams to continually monitor their asset base and address emerging issues at the earliest opportunity.

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Rolling Stock Grid1:  IEP

Hitachi Intercity Express Train: - systems engineering support for new bi-mode fleet introduced to the UK from 2017.

Rolling Stock Grid1:  IEP

Siemens ICE vehicles: Notified Body services Germany's new high speed fleet

Rolling Stock Grid2:  Siemens ICE