New and emerging

New and emerging

Promoting connected and autonomous technologies

Our experts have played a key role in supporting the evolution of connected and autonomous technologies in both the commercial and public transit realms for many years, from the world’s longest driverless metro system to the launch of personal transit systems at major international airports.

Our deep technical knowledge of both the automotive and rail sectors means we bring cross-sector expertise to every assignment we undertake. We have experience of determining technical specification, system integration and functional safety, as well other key disciplines around procurement and supply chains, human factors implications and cyber security.

How we support projects:

  • We offer technical expertise in specifying requirements, determining suppliers and procuring system components.
  • We assist in developing regulations and safety requirements, based on our knowledge and expertise in safety management and independent assurance.
  • We design and manage pilot schemes and test programmes in controlled and real-world environments.
  • We deliver independent audits, examinations and assessments that give system operators confidence that their requirements, specifications and designs support safe and reliable systems.
  • We oversee specifications and procurement processes to ensure safe and controllable implementation.
  • We provide specialist expertise in safety work, system engineering, procurement, human factors and cyber security in the public transit realm.