Signalling & train control

Signalling & train control

Safety first

Although we provide advice and assurance services across all key disciplines, safety critical concerns such as signalling and train control are our specialty.

Our teams have supported signalling projects on systems ranging from national high-speed lines to urban light rail systems.

For example, we help infrastructure owners and train operators ensure that their signalling systems meet relevant regulatory and contractual requirements. These may include the European Railways (Interoperability) Directive and Railway Safety Directive, international standards such as EN50126, and recognized guidance on Engineering Safety Management.

We also provide confirmation that the design and construction of signalling systems meet required codes and technical specifications and, where mandated by regulation, issue certification of the operational suitability of assets. 

We operate a scheme that validates compliance with standards such as EN50129 (safety), EN50126 (RAMS), EN50128 (software) and EIRENE (GSM-R), and ensure that all signalling projects, where appropriate, comply with the Common Safety Methods referenced by the EC Railway Safety Directive 2004. 

Our experts also provide a wide range of technical guidance and project management support.