Functional Safety Mock

Functional Safety Mock

Our Functional Safety services includes all aspects of planning, implementation and reporting on the meeting of safety requirements.

It can be applied to any product, system or entire railway and typically extends through the entire lifecycle of a system's development, from early design to assessing digital resilience once operational.

Whilst terminology may differ between different regions and regulatory jurisdictions, the basic principles are universal and broadly based on the requirements provided in EN50126 or as suggested in the Engineering Safety Management guidance.

Safety above all


The risks that can arise from introducing new vehicles to the network, modifying existing fleets or changing operating routes, for example, must be kept 'as low as reasonably practicable' (ALARP principle).

Operators have a duty to prepare compatibility files containing the safety arguments that support this demonstration. We provide expert support to develop the necessary documentation and advise on many aspects of managing engineering change on major projects.

We have an industry leading team of safety engineers, RAMS specialists and EMC experts working alongside clients to develop robust safety arguments and processes.

Specialist services include:

  • Development of safety arguments and compatibility files
  • System compatibility assessments via analysis, modelling and testing
  • Safety assurance strategies
  • Preparation of Compatibility Files (Route Acceptance Safety Cases)
  • Safety Arguments for ‘Route Acceptance’ under ROGS
  • Independent Competent Person
  • Hazard Identification and Log Management
  • Problem investigation