Energy management

Energy management

Reduce the impact of rising energy costs

By introducing more efficient working practices across their operations, rail organizations can help to reduce the impact of rising energy costs.

How we can help

We provide a range of management tools and advice services that will not only help rail organizations to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, but enable them to benefit from smarter, more efficient practices across almost every aspect of their operation, including:

  • Driver training that promotes safe application of more energy efficient techniques for coasting, braking and acceleration
  • Energy monitoring technologies that provide regular reports on current energy usage
  • Environmental improvement strategies for fleet maintenance programmes
  • Energy consumption forecast modelling
  • Asset management programmes

What are the benefits? 

  • Cost reductions without impacting on service levels, safety performance or passenger comfort.
  • Compliance with the pollution requirements of relevant regulators and authorities
  • Reduced traction unit oil waste
  • Improved asset reliability
  • Positive reputation for sustainability and environmental management

Recent projects 

  • Using our models of energy consumption, we forecast the electrical energy consumption of rolling stock for NS Dutch Railways and Railion Nederland, providing the client with a better understanding of the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures. This became an accepted method for allocating energy costs to the operator
  • We assisted Dutch company, NS Reizigers, to achieve the objectives of its energy covenant with the state. The results were so impressive it was agreed that the energy saving target should be increased to 20% of the total original consumption. Our technical contribution played a substantial role in NS Reizigers becoming a European leader in energy savings. Our clients in this area now include ProRail and NS maintenance subsidiary, NedTrain.

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