Traction technologies

Traction technologies

With over 60 years’ experience of delivering cleaner, more efficient engines for clients in the rail sector – and over 800 powertrain engineers at locations across the world – we offer a level of industry expertise and technical capability that few others are able to match.

For an industry under pressure to improve engine fuel efficiency, tackle emissions and reduce total cost of ownership, we are uniquely placed to assist with engine projects of all types and applications.

Whether for minor component upgrades or new high volume product families for multiple international markets, our expertise extends across the full product life cycle, from initial specification and detailed design through to ongoing maintenance and warranty support.

Services include:

  • New engine design and development, from concept through to production
  • Engine upgrades for performance, emissions, new applications and duty cycles
  • Benchmarking of cost, design, performance, emissions and harmonics
  • Technology roadmapping and powertrain strategy planning
  • Dual fuel upgrade & conversion
  • Hybrid drive and electrical machine integration
  • Reduction of engine noise & vibration
  • Application and installation engineering
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Whole life cost optimization Global test facilities