Digital resillience

Digital resillience

Ricardo's Digital Resilience service helps our clients to understand the security of digitally connected systems and protect theor organisations against potential safety events or incidents that could cause significant disruption across the entire railway system. 

By using best practice and standards from beyond the rail sector, we provide an obective assessment of a client’s current situation in order to assess whether the security controls in place are proportionate to the risk their system faces.

And whereas cyber security is often only associated with the protection of IT, servers and data, this is only part of the wider picture. True digital resilience is about looking at the interfaces between information networks,  physical assests and the passengers and staff who both use and maintain day-today services.

We have a thorough understanding of all applicable legislation and guidance in the field of digital resilience, and participate  in various industry and cross-sector security forums, as well as the National Cyber Security Centre.

But rather than applying a generic 'textbook' response, we approach each assignment a ‘rail industry’ mindset. We know how its priorities differ from other critical infrastructure, such as the need to maintain safe and accessible environments for passengers, and the growing demand for further real-time integration of data with other modes. We can also extend the spotlight beyond our client's domain and down through supply chains, subsystems and components.

Once our investigations are complete, we provide a detailed risk-based assessment for our client, accompanied by high-level recommendations for a sustainable and proportionate mitigation programme.